Committee on Outreach and Access to Talent


  • Nurture the IAB column in the IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine as an instrument to connect to established as well as to new Robotics Industry and provide information (of the Industrial Activities Board) relevant to these communities
  • Access to young talent: set up (in close collaboration with EPSB) a database of CVs of students to foster match-making between students and robotics industry and to provide a valuable service to both parties student in robotics as well as robotics industry
  • Maintain a list of industry-affiliated senior researchers: set up (in close collaboration with EPSB and RAS Secretary) a database with the profiles of senior robotics researchers who are competent and willing to speak at industry events and serve as Ambassadors of the society.

Associate Vice President

Tamas Haidegger portrait
Tamas Haidegger
Associate VP of IAB- Outreach and Access to Talent
Obuda University, Budapest, Hungary
ACMIT, Neustadt, Austria


Arpad Takac portrait
Arpad Takac
Budapest, Hungary
Thomas Wedlick portrait
Thomas Wedlick
California, USA
Xiaorui Zhu portrait
Xiaorui Zhu
Harbin Institute of Technology Shenzhen Graduate School
Shenzhen, China

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