IEEE/ASME Trans. Mechatronics Call for Papers: Focused Section on Soft Actuators, Sensors, and Components (SASC)

On 8 Jan, 2018

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IEEE/ASME Trans. Mechatronics Call for Papers: Focused Section on Soft Actuators, Sensors, and Components (SASC)

Highly deformable and soft actuators, sensors, and components (SASC) are crucial in the design and development of soft mechatronic/robotic systems that safely interact with humans and delicately handle products in an assembly line. The key advantages of mechatronic systems comprised of SASC are their ability to deform and take on shapes for increased adaptability and better control of forces for enhanced safety. The development of many SASC are often inspired by the form and motion of biological organisms, and often strive to achieve inherently compliant and safe interfaces.  Applications of SASC include biomedical devices, warehouse and distribution systems, manufacturing lines, and assistive devices. The development of SASC for mechatronic and robotic systems presents a number of challenges in material development, mathematical modeling, mechanism design and fabrication, and control, and has attracted increasing attention from researchers in recent years. This Focused Section will compile recent efforts contributing to soft actuators, sensors, and components in the context of mechatronic systems.  Contributions addressing state-of-the-art developments and methodologies, and the perspectives on the future of SASC are also welcomed. Manuscripts should contain both theoretical and practical/experimental results.

Topics of Interest

• Design, modeling, and manufacturing of SASC;
• Advanced control of soft actuators and components;
• Wearable and implantable soft mechatronic devices;
• Modular soft mechatronic/robotic systems;
• Soft actuation and locomotion;
• Mechatronic/robotic applications and experimental validation of SASC.

Manuscript preparation

Papers must contain original contributions and be prepared in accordance with the journal standards. Instructions for authors are available online at:

Manuscript submission

Manuscripts should be submitted online at: The cover letter should report the following statement: “This paper is submitted for possible publication in the Focused Section on Soft Actuators, Sensors, and Components (SASC)”. All manuscripts will be subjected to the regular TMECH peer review process. If you have any questions relating to this focused section, please email one of the Guest Editors.

Important dates

8 January 2018 - Paper Submission
9 April 2018 - Completion of first review
21 May 2018 - Submission of revised papers
20 August 2018 - Completion of final review
9 September 2018 - Submission of final manuscripts and copyright forms
December 2018 - Scheduled Publication

Guest Editors

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