Autonomous Robotics Group

Autonomous Robotics Group (Howard Li et al., UNB)

The AuR group aims to complement the existing effort in ontologies for robotics and automation, such as IEEE 1872-2015 Standard Ontologies for Robotics and Automation. IEEE ORA WG started as a study group in early 2011, and became an official working group in November of 2011, in the development of the CORA ontology. The proposed work is a sub-effort of the main CORA ontology. Since the beginning, IEEE ORA WG was divided into different subgroups (see Figure 1) which were each in charge of studying a specific R&A sub-domain, like Industrial, Service and Autonomous Robotics. Currently, after reaching this big step, these subgroups are focusing ther activities in their respective subdomains. 

The structure of IEEE ORA efforts. The subgroups in grey are not active; the ones in white are planned.

The AuR group aims to extend the CORA to represent more specific concepts and axioms that are commonly used in the Autonomous Robotics. Therefore, AuR is performing a wide study in different R&A domains (e.g. aerial, ground, surface, underwater, and space robots) to identify the basic components in terms of hardware and software that are necessary to endow a robot (or a group of) with autonomy, i.e., endow robots with the ability to perform desired tasks in unstructured environments without continuous explicit human guidance. As a long-term goal, AuR targets to create a standard ontology that specifies the domain knowledge needed to build autonomous systems comprised of robots that can operate in the air, ground, space, and underwater environments.

 The AuR sub-group has been meeting regularly. We have identified the following tasks for the group:

  • Examine the impact of existing work (CORA and CORAX) on developing ontologies for Autonomous Robots;
  • Determine and establish focus areas for ontological development efforts - axioms and vocabulary;
  • Investigate case studies based on reference designs;
  • Obtain letters from companies and individuals around the globe supporting our activities;
  • Prepare the Working Group proposal.


We are organizing a Workshop at the end of August in Lisbon: Autonomous Robot Ontology Workshop (AROW 2017).



Please for any inquiry send an e-mail to Howard Li: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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