Modelling and Simulation for Autonomous Systems Workshop (MESAS)

MESAS 2016

MESAS'16 is a two-day workshop organized by the NATO Modelling and Simulation Centre of Excellence. The event will gather fully recognized experts from different domains: Military, Academia and Industry. The main theme of MESAS'16 is: “M&S for Human and Autonomous System integration and cooperation".

Systems with Autonomous Capabilities are abbreviated with the acronym xSAC, where the x indicates the Operational Domain: Ground, Maritime, Air, Space and Cyber.

Theme: Modeling & Simulation for Human and Autonomous System Integration and Cooperation

  • Cooperative systems
  • Interfaces for command and control system, human,  knowledge management system  and AS integration  
  • Human and AS teaming application
  • M&S Experimental environments & frameworks for AS development, verification, validation and accreditation
  • Cooperative and reliability algorithms for AS
  • Ethical, legal, security and safety aspects of Human and  AS cooperation
  • Training for AS deployment
  • Concept of AS operation & countermeasures




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