CASE Venues and Archive

CASE 2018 Munich, Germany
20-24 August
General Chairs: Birgit Vogel-Heuser and Bengt Lennartson
Program Chairs: Cesane Fantuzzi, Alexander Fey, Gerorg Frey, and Carlos E Pereira

CASE 2017 Xi'an, China
20-23 August
General Chairs: Xiaohong Guan and Qianchuan Zhao
Program Chairs: (Samuel) Qing-Shan Jia and Mariagrazia Dotoli

CASE 2016 Fort Worth, TX USA (Archived)
21-24 August
General Chairs: Frank L. Lewis and Mark W. Spong
Program Chairs: Dan O. Popa, Dezhen Song and Philippe Lutz

CASE 2015 Gothenburg, Sweden (Archived)
24-28 August 
General Chair: Bengt Lennartson
Program Chair: Martin Fabian

CASE 2014 Taipei, Taiwan (Archived)
18-22 August
General Chair: Ren C. Luo
Program Chair: Fan-Tien Cheng

CASE 2013 Madison, WI USA
17-20 August
General Chair: Leyuan Shi
Program Chair: Lawrence E. Holloway

CASE 2012 Seoul, Korea
20-24 August
General Chair: Hyouk Ryeol Choi
Program Chair: Nak Young Chong

CASE 2011 Shanghai, China
24-27 August
General Chair: Maria Pia Fanti
Program Chair: Alessandro Giua

CASE 2010 Toronto, ON, Canada
21-24 August
General Chair: John T. Wen
Program Chair: Todd Murphy

CASE 2009 Bangalore, India
22-25 August
General Chair: Narahari Yadati
Program Chair: Yanqing Gao

CASE 2008 Arlington, VA, USA
23-26 August
General Chair: MengChu Zhou
Program Chair: Kazuhiro Saitou

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